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10-01-2020 | EASD 2020 | Conference coverage | News

News in brief

​​​​​​​CAPTURE reveals CVD in a third of people with type 2 diabetes worldwide

Author: Eleanor McDermid


medwireNews: The global CAPTURE study shows that one in three people with type 2 diabetes in 2019 had cardiovascular disease (CVD), but few were taking antidiabetes medications with proven cardioprotective ability.

The CAPTURE investigators collected data from 9823 people with type 2 diabetes who attended a routine healthcare appointment in 13 countries across Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, East Asia, and Australia, finding that 34.8% had CVD, with atherosclerotic disease present in 31.8%. There was little difference in rates between the 4502 attending a primary care appointment and the 5321 attending specialist care. The most common diagnosis was coronary heart disease (17.7%).

Most people (89.9%) were taking CV medications. However, presenting the findings at last week’s virtual 56th EASD Annual Meeting, Ofri Mosenzon (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel) stressed that “fewer than one in four adults with type 2 diabetes and established cardiovascular disease used a glucose-lowering agent with demonstrated cardiovascular benefits.”

The prevalence of CVD was similar across most countries in the study, but after accounting for age, sex, and multiple CVD risk factors, a few countries had markedly different rates. For example, the odds for CVD was around half that of the overall rate among study participants in the Czech Republic and Saudi Arabia, but was about 1.5-fold higher in Israel.

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EASD virtual meeting; 21–25 September 2020