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The DECLARE-TIMI 58 trial

DECLARE-TIMI 58 was the largest of the SGLT2 inhibitor cardiovascular outcome trials. It included a sizable primary prevention population, comprising around 60% of all recruited patients.

Its primary analysis showed cardioprotective benefits driven by a large reduction in the risk for heart failure hospitalization. Evidence for protective effects against myocardial infarction, stroke, and cardiovascular death were limited to patients with pre-existing overt atherosclerotic disease (nonsignificant but in line with the effect shown in other SGLT2 inhibitor trials).

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The DECLARE-TIMI 58 investigators will provide an overview of their findings to date, including the recent analysis of renal outcomes, and present subgroup analyses of older study participants at the 55th EASD Annual Meeting (EASD 2019):

DECLARE study: Call for action 
Wednesday, September 18, 12:00–13:00, Joslin Hall, Fira Barcelona Gran Via, Spain 
Session Chair: J. P. Wilding

  1. Cardio renal protection and safety in broad patients with type 2 diabetes patients. I. Raz, Israel 
  2. New data on renal protection. O. Mosenzon, Israel 
  3. Efficacy and safety in the elderly population. A. Cahn, Israel
  4. SGLT2 call for new guidelines. I. Raz, Israel:
  5. Commentary. M. J. Davies, UK

What our Editorial Board said: 

DECLARE-TIMI 58 steering committee member John Wilding talks us through the trial's findings (5:49).

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