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09-07-2016 | Drug-induced diabetes | Book chapter | Article

Secondary Causes of Diabetes Mellitus

Authors: Ashutosh S. Pareek, Yana B. Garger, Prajesh M. Joshi, Carla M. Romero, Amit K. Seth

Publisher: Springer International Publishing


The diabetic syndromes include type 1 diabetes with immune destruction of the pancreatic islets, type 2 diabetes with a complex pathophysiology of insulin resistance combined with insulin secretory failure, distinct monogenetic abnormalities (maturity onset diabetes of the young – MODY), and extreme insulin resistance of several different etiologies. In addition, secondary causes of diabetes mellitus refer to a category in which diabetes is associated with other diseases or conditions related to both the endocrine and exocrine pancreas and other secretory organs of the body. In some instances, diabetes is due to genetic syndrome or use of medicines. Presumably, the diabetes is caused by those conditions or medicines and could be reversed if those conditions were cured.

Addressing suicide risk in diabetes

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Suicide in diabetes: An important but under-recorded problem

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Risk for suicidal ideation: Who, when, and why?

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Creating a safety net: How doctors can help suicidal patients

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Suicide risk in diabetes: Why doctors may hesitate to screen, but should not

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