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Case reports and studies

Clinical practice highlights that underscore important best practice messages, report on unusual adverse effects or describe presentations of diabetes and its complications.

Cardiovascular risk reduction in type 2 diabetes

Heart and stethoscope

Pharmacological management of comorbid cardiovascular risk and type 2 diabetes is undergoing a paradigm shift. General practitioner Kevin Fernando puts recommendations from the ADA/EASD into practice in this patient case study.

Acute illness while on a SGLT2 inhibitor and ketogenic diet


Advisory Board member Theresa Smyth tackles an emergency case in a type 2 diabetes patient treated with empagliflozin. What went wrong and how should he be managed?

Atypical diabetes: Case study 4


Can you diagnose the atypical form of diabetes presented in our fourth patient case study? Test your knowledge with Editorial Board member, Jay Shubrook.

Atypical diabetes: Case study 3

Case study keyboard

How would you diagnose and treat the third patient in our series of case studies on atypical forms of diabetes? Editorial board member Jay Shubrook challenges you.

Atypical diabetes: Case study 2

Puzzle piece

The second case study in our series on atypical forms of diabetes from Jay Shubrook presents a highly distinct variation of the disease and challenges you to make the correct diagnosis.

Atypical diabetes: Case study 1

Stethoscope and question mark

Editorial Board member Jay Shubrook highlights an easy-to-miss form of the disease and challenges you to make the correct diagnosis.

Interactive patient case studies

Renal complications in diabetic ketoacidosis

Develop and test your knowledge through this practical, 15-minute interactive case study on renal complications and treatment in diabetic ketoacidosis, authored by Professor Francesco Chiarelli.

Maturity-onset diabetes of the young (MODY)

This 15-minute case presents the characterization, diagnosis and management of maturity-onset diabetes of the young (MODY) and discusses the pros and cons of predictive genetic testing for MODY.

Hypoglycemia and technology

This 15-minute case presents the identification of problematic hypoglycemia and the appropriate use and monitoring of different technologies in the context of reducing the occurrence and risk of hypoglycemia.

Case reports

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