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11-03-2017 | Cardiovascular disorders | Review | Article

Modifiable Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease in Children with Type 1 Diabetes: Can Early Intervention Prevent Future Cardiovascular Events?

Current Diabetes Reports

Authors: Evgenia Gourgari, Dana Dabelea, Kristina Rother

Publisher: Springer US


Purpose of Review

Patients with type 1 diabetes have increased risk for cardiovascular disease.
The purpose of this review is to examine the following:
current evidence for subclinical cardiovascular disease (CVD) in children with type 1 diabetes (T1DM)
known modifiable risk factors for CVD and their relationship to subclinical CVD in this population
studies that have addressed these risk factors in order to improve CVD outcomes in children with T1DM

Recent Findings

Subclinical CVD presents in children as increased carotid intima-media thickness, increased arterial stiffness, and endothelial and myocardial dysfunction. Modifiable risk factors for CVD include hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, obesity, hypertension, depression, and autonomic dysfunction. Very few randomized controlled studies have been done in children with T1DM to examine how modification of these risk factors can affect their CVD.


Children with T1DM have subclinical CVD and multiple modifiable risk factors for CVD. More research is needed to define how modification of these factors affects the progression of CVD.

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