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Ask the expert | Diets and type 2 diabetes

Clinician-led videos engaging two healthcare professionals from different specialties on a single topic pertinent to diabetes care.

Diet and type 2 diabetes

08-14-2019 | Diet | Video | Article

Which diets can I safely recommend to patients with type 2 diabetes?

WATCH | Research Dietitian Pam Dyson and General Practitioner Liz Morris discuss evidence-based dietary recommendations for the management of type 2 diabetes (11:40).

08-21-2019 | Diet | Video | Article

Are these popular diets safe for your patients with type 2 diabetes?

WATCH | Egg diets? Alkaline diets? Raspberry ketones? Pam Dyson and Liz Morris discuss how to handle your patients' questions about these dietary approaches and more (5:13).

08-28-2019 | Diet | Video | Article

Nutrition recommendations for type 2 diabetes: What's changed?

WATCH | Research Dietitian Pam Dyson and General Practitioner Liz Morris discuss how improvements in nutrition science have impacted guidance around low-glycemic index diets and carbohydrate intake (2:43).

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