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Allison Petznick

Allison Petznick, DO, is a Board-Certified Family Physician and Diabetologist. Dr. Petznick is an Associate Professor at the Ohio University College of Ostetopathic Medicine and runs an outpatient practice through Northern Ohio Medical Specialists in Sanduksy, OH. Dr. Petznick focuses on many of the social aspects, helping motivate and educate patients to take initiative and responsibility for their own individual diabetes care.


Latest contributions from Allison Petznick

Cost worry

09-06-2017 | Healthcare costs | View from the clinic | Article

The rising cost of medication: Groceries or insulin?

Advisory Board member and Family Physician, Allison Petznick, highlights the impact of rising medication costs on one of her patients, and provides practical suggestions for US physicians to help those struggling to manage the everyday costs of type 2 diabetes.