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RISE: Adult medication

Presenters: Sharon Edelstein, ScM; Kieren J. Mather, MD; David A. Ehrmann, MD; Steven E. Kahn, MB, ChB; Sonia Caprio, MD; Thomas A. Buchanan, MD.

Sunday 9 June: 12:00–13:30

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The first RISE consortium studies showed that early intensive treatment with metformin plus insulin did not slow the decline of beta-cell function in children with impaired glycemic regulation or recently diagnosed type 2 diabetes.

In the second study (BetaFat), perhaps surprisingly, the more radical approach of gastric banding failed to slow beta-cell decline in adults with prediabetes or early type 2 diabetes.

The third and final of the planned RISE studies, also in adults, compares the effects of placebo, metformin with or without liraglutide, and 3 months of upfront insulin followed by 9 months of metformin. Will the findings presented at ADA finally show some evidence that treatment intensity can actually influence the underlying disease pathogenesis?

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