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The D2d study

Update 06-08-2019 | No evidence for Vitamin D in type 2 diabetes prevention

Presenters: Myrlene A. Staten, MD; Erin S. Leblanc, MD, MPH; Anastassios G. Pittas, MD, MS.

Friday 7 June: 11:30–12:30

The D2d (Vitamin D and type 2 diabetes) study has investigated whether daily supplementation with vitamin D3 can reduce the risk for progression to type 2 diabetes in people with prediabetes based on at least two criteria.

Participants were enrolled regardless of vitamin D status and randomly assigned to take vitamin D3 at a dose of 4000 IU – higher than the recommended 600–800 IU/day supplemental dose – or matching placebo. The aim was to continue treatment for an average of 3 years.

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