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09-22-2022 | EASD 2022 | Conference coverage | News

Support for tailored genetic counseling in people with incidentally discovered MODY mutations

Mutations in HNF1A and HNF4A are less likely to be associated with a diagnosis of maturity-onset diabetes of the young when discovered incidentally versus in a clinically selected cohort, research suggests.

07-29-2022 | Genetics | News

Healthy lifestyle may counteract genetic predisposition to type 2 diabetes

A family history of diabetes is associated with a younger age at type 2 diabetes diagnosis, but this could be delayed by following a healthy lifestyle, suggest data from the Joint Asia Diabetes Evaluation Register.

11-08-2021 | Genetics | News

Novel diabetes gene identified

Mutations in the ONECUT1 gene can underlie neonatal diabetes and contribute to the risk for early-onset type 2 diabetes, research shows.

08-03-2021 | Complications | News

Multi-polygenic risk score may predict type 2 diabetes complications

Combining 10 weighted polygenic risk scores of variants related to cardiovascular and renal complications in a joint model with traditional risk factors could optimize micro- and macrovascular risk prediction and treatment response in type 2 diabetes, say researchers.

06-26-2021 | ADA 2021 | Conference coverage | News

Genetic influence stronger for youth- than adult-onset type 2 diabetes

The effect of common genetic variants on the risk for type 2 diabetes is markedly stronger for youth-onset than adult-onset disease, report researchers.

Blood test

04-20-2021 | DUKPC 2021 | Conference coverage | News

Routine autoantibody measurement advised for suspected adult type 1 diabetes

A majority of adults with clinically diagnosed type 1 diabetes but no islet autoantibodies have a low genetic risk for the condition, suggesting misdiagnosis, report researchers.

08-24-2020 | Glycemic control | News

Multiple factors linked to type 2 diabetes glycemic progression

Extremes of bodyweight and high glycated hemoglobin levels were two of the factors linked to rapid glycemic progression in a study of more than 7000 Chinese people with type 2 diabetes.


05-06-2020 | Genetics | Highlight | News

Genetic markers of type 2 diabetes risk in East Asian people uncovered

A major genetic analysis sheds light on the similarities and differences in type 2 diabetes pathogenesis between people of East Asian and European origin.