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03-15-2021 | Risk factors | News

Clinicians slow to address CV risk factors in type 2 diabetes

People with type 2 diabetes, particularly those diagnosed at a young age, can face an extended wait for medication to treat cardiovascular risk factors, even if they are in a high-risk category, research shows.

11-04-2020 | Medications | News

Rural inhabitants may miss out on newest diabetes medications

Geographic remoteness is strongly associated with a reduced likelihood of being prescribed the most recent classes of glucose-lowering medications, find Australian researchers.

09-26-2020 | EASD 2020 | Conference coverage | News

Cardioprotective measures neglected in young-onset type 2 diabetes

People with type 2 diabetes, especially young people, do not receive treatment for hypertension and dyslipidemia in a timely manner, even when they have high cardiovascular risk, study results show.

06-16-2020 | ADA 2020 | Conference coverage | News

Treatment inertia remains a problem after insulin initiation in type 2 diabetes

Healthcare providers can remain slow to intensify type 2 diabetes medication even after making the jump to basal insulin, with consequences for glycemic control and potentially cardiovascular risk, study results show.

03-17-2020 | Primary care | News

Initial glycemic control poor after type 2 diabetes diagnosis in younger adults

Adults who develop type 2 diabetes at a younger age have a much lower likelihood of achieving glycemic control a year after diagnosis than those who develop it in middle age, research indicates.

02-21-2020 | Devices and technology | News

Primary care diabetes treatment decision aid may miss heart of problem

Although helpful for primary care physicians, a type 2 diabetes treatment decision support tool may be missing the point for most people with poorly controlled glucose levels, suggest findings from a pilot study.

02-07-2020 | Primary care | News

Diabetes management declines after cancer diagnosis

US researchers report a decrease in the use of key indicators of comprehensive diabetes care in the year following a cancer diagnosis among people with diabetes.

01-14-2020 | Ethnic groups | News

Proactive primary care minimizes ethnic disparities at type 2 diabetes diagnosis

A reassuring UK study has found limited evidence to suggest non-White patients are at a disadvantage for being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in primary care and having their cardiometabolic risk managed around the time of initial diagnosis.

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