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Sleep disorders

09-29-2021 | EASD 2021 | Conference coverage | News

Obstructive sleep apnea risk increased in type 1 diabetes

People with type 1 diabetes have an increased risk for developing obstructive sleep apnea, researchers have reported at the virtual 57th EASD Annual Meeting.

05-20-2020 | Sleep disorders | News

Sleep disturbance linked to CVD, mortality risk in people with type 2 diabetes

Sleep disturbance is associated with a significantly increased risk for cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality among people with new-onset type 2 diabetes, South Korean researchers report.

01-04-2019 | Sleep disorders | News

Insomnia confers considerable type 2 diabetes risk

Insomnia bestows a degree of risk for type 2 diabetes on patients who already have prediabetes that “is similar to that conferred by traditional risk factors,” according to researchers.