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06-13-2022 | Artificial pancreas systems | News

Researchers calculate unannounced snack threshold for closed-loop system

Children and adolescents using an advanced hybrid closed-loop system for type 1 diabetes can tolerate an unannounced snack containing 20 g of carbohydrate without excessive blood sugar fluctuations, Italian researchers report.

06-04-2022 | ADA 2022 | Conference coverage | News

Bionic pancreas removes math from diabetes

The iLet bionic pancreas closed-loop insulin delivery system provides good glucose control without the need for the user to count carbohydrates, show findings from the pivotal trial.

06-04-2022 | ADA 2022 | Conference coverage | News

Adolescent obesity may trigger type 1 diabetes

A nationwide population-based study reveals a link between obesity in adolescence and an increased risk for type 1 diabetes in young adulthood.

06-04-2022 | ADA 2022 | Conference coverage | News

AWARD-PEDS: Dulaglutide improves glycemic control for youths with type 2 diabetes

Dulaglutide delivers significant reductions in glucose levels for youths with type 2 diabetes, report the AWARD-PEDS investigators.

04-04-2022 | Dapagliflozin | News

Phase 3 trial supports dapagliflozin in young people with type 2 diabetes

The first phase 3 trial of an SGLT2 inhibitor in children and young people with type 2 diabetes shows that dapagliflozin significantly improves their glucose control – as long as they remember to take it.

02-23-2022 | Mental health | News

Depression screeners underestimate suicide risk in young people with type 1 diabetes

The Patient Health Questionnaire-9, which screens for depressive symptoms, underestimates suicide risk in adolescents and young adults with type 1 diabetes when compared with a validated suicide-specific measure, research shows.

11-15-2021 | Transitions of care | News

Acute diabetes complications rise during transition to adult care

Young people with type 1 diabetes are at increased risk for hospitalization for acute complications at the time of transition from pediatric to adult care, say researchers.

10-29-2021 | Retinopathy | News

Sight-threatening retinopathy an early risk for youth-onset type 2 diabetes

Almost half of people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in childhood develop retinopathy by their mid-20s, show TODAY2 data.

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