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Physical activity

05-21-2021 | Healthcare systems | News

Large diabetes care gaps identified in low- and middle-income countries

Fewer than one in 10 people with type 2 diabetes in low- and middle-income countries receive treatment in line with World Health Organization recommendations, shows a global analysis.

05-05-2021 | Liraglutide (obesity) | News

Liraglutide beneficial for post-diet weight loss maintenance

A randomized trial supports giving people with obesity liraglutide to maintain weight loss after an 8-week diet, particularly if it is combined with regular vigorous exercise.

02-25-2021 | Mental health | News

Community-based depression intervention cost-effective for people with type 2 diabetes

Findings from a modeling study suggest that community-based exercise and cognitive behavioral therapy interventions for depression in people with type 2 diabetes are cost-effective in the long-term.

12-15-2020 | Risk factors | News

Diabetes in dogs could serve as early warning to owners

A dog with diabetes may be a novel early warning sign for diabetes risk in its owner, according to a study in the Christmas edition of The BMJ.

11-27-2020 | Cardiovascular disorders | News

Healthy lifestyle mitigates elevated heart disease risk in people with type 2 diabetes

People with type 2 diabetes have around a fourfold increased risk for heart disease relative to those without, but having a healthy lifestyle may lessen this risk, researchers report.

07-10-2020 | Prediabetes | Highlight | News

Key danger times identified for US Diabetes Prevention Program dropout

Focusing efforts on convincing people to return after the first session of the US National Diabetes Prevention Program lifestyle change program, and after the transition to less frequent sessions, may help to optimize program retention, say researchers.

07-03-2020 | Physical activity | News

Fructose boost may alleviate type 1 diabetes exercise-induced hypoglycemia risk

Consuming a single shot of fructose prior to exercise is a feasible strategy to reduce the risk for exercise-induced hypoglycemia among men with type 1 diabetes treated with insulin degludec, suggest findings from a proof-of-concept study.

07-02-2020 | Prediabetes | Highlight | News

Neighborhood walkability may reduce ethnic disparities in diabetes risk

The increased risk for prediabetes among ethnic minorities compared with White people is less pronounced in neighborhoods with high walkability, shows a Canadian study.

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