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Artificial pancreas systems

04-16-2021 | Artificial pancreas systems | News

Large study illustrates efficacy of Loop DIY automated insulin delivery

A large real-world study shows improved glycemic outcomes for adults and children who initiate use of the Loop DIY automated insulin delivery system using community resources.

02-10-2021 | Empagliflozin | News

Adding empagliflozin to closed-loop insulin may reduce need for carbohydrate counting

Among people with type 1 diabetes, adding the SGLT2 inhibitor empagliflozin to an automated insulin delivery system may allow replacement of carbohydrate counting with a simple meal announcement, suggest findings from a pilot randomized trial.

11-06-2020 | Artificial pancreas systems | News

Closed-loop system shows promise for people with unstable type 1 diabetes

A closed-loop insulin delivery system may offer significantly better glycemic control than an open-loop system with predictive low glucose suspend in islet transplant candidates with highly unstable type 1 diabetes, research shows.

09-25-2020 | EASD 2020 | Conference coverage | News

Fully closed-loop insulin delivery edges closer with pramlintide–faster aspart system

A fully automated dual-hormone delivery system with pramlintide and faster-acting insulin aspart delivers overall glycemic control that is nearly as good as that achieved with a hybrid closed-loop system with the insulin only, report researchers at the virtual 56th EASD Annual Meeting.

09-04-2020 | Children | News

FDA okays MiniMed 770G for young children

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08-26-2020 | Artificial pancreas systems | News

​​​​​​​Closed-loop system improves glycemic control in children with type 1 diabetes

Children with type 1 diabetes who use the Tandem Control-IQ hybrid closed-loop insulin delivery system spend more time with their blood glucose levels in the target range than those using a sensor-augmented insulin pump, show findings from the iDCL trial.

06-13-2020 | ADA 2020 | Conference coverage | News

​​​​​​​Omnipod Horizon system effective and well liked in outpatient trial

The Omnipod Horizon closed-loop system has delivered good glucose control in its first outpatient study, the investigators report.

06-13-2020 | ADA 2020 | Conference coverage | News

FLAIR: Upgraded MiniMed closed-loop system outperforms predecessor

The Medtronic MiniMed Advanced Hybrid Closed-Loop system delivers better glycemic control than the currently approved 670G system, shows the international FLAIR trial.

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