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10-12-2018 | Prognosis | EASD 2018 | News

Simple clinical measures may be better prognosticators than proposed diabetes subgroups

The recently proposed five diabetes subgroups are reproducible, but are more complicated and no better than simple clinical variables for predicting disease progression and treatment response, researchers have reported.

03-07-2018 | Children | News

Racial and ethnic minority youths predisposed to poor diabetes prognosis

African–American and Hispanic adolescents are more likely than their non-Hispanic White peers to present with characteristics associated with poor long-term prognosis when they are first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, research suggests.

10-31-2017 | Prognosis | News

Reduced life expectancy in type 2 diabetes seen across all social strata

Type 2 diabetes is associated with reduced life expectancy at almost all ages and levels of socioeconomic status, researchers report.