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Metabolic surgery

Gastric bypass surgery (used with permission)

07-28-2023 | Type 2 diabetes | News

Better QoL after gastric bypass than sleeve gastrectomy for people with type 2 diabetes

Patients undergoing gastric bypass experience superior patient-reported outcomes, diabetes remission rates and weight loss compared with sleeve gastrectomy.

08-12-2022 | Metabolic surgery | News

Use of sleeve gastrectomy may be valid for some people with class 1 obesity

Study findings published in JAMA Network Open suggest that for people with class 1 obesity, sleeve gastrectomy is associated with greater weight loss and diabetes remission than lifestyle intervention, but the procedure is also linked to increased incidence of substance use disorder and self-harm.

04-22-2022 | Metabolic surgery | News

Benefits of metabolic surgery persist for at least 3 years

People are much more likely to achieve lasting type 2 diabetes remission with surgical rather than medical intervention, even if they have only mild obesity, shows 3-year follow-up of four randomized trials.

11-29-2021 | Metabolic surgery | News

Rival gastric surgery approaches have similar effects on liver fat

Gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy both result in “almost complete clearance of liver fat” within a year after the intervention, show secondary outcomes of a randomized trial.

09-17-2021 | Metabolic surgery | News

Better cardiovascular outcomes with gastric bypass vs sleeve gastrectomy

Among people with type 2 diabetes and obesity who undergo metabolic surgery, Roux-en-Y gastric bypass is associated with a lower risk for major adverse cardiovascular events than sleeve gastrectomy, suggests a secondary analysis of a cohort study.

07-09-2021 | Obesity | News

Brain MRI offers clues to weight regain after surgery vs diet

Divergent changes in brain activity after bariatric surgery versus a very-low-calorie diet may help explain why people are more likely to regain weight after the latter intervention, a study suggests.


05-19-2021 | Semaglutide | News

Semaglutide boosts weight loss of minimally invasive gastric procedure

Giving semaglutide to people undergoing minimally invasive endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty may bring weight loss closer to that induced by bariatric surgery, shows research.

Abdominal surgery

01-25-2021 | Metabolic surgery | News

Glycemic benefits of metabolic surgery endure for at least 10 years

Metabolic surgery can result in type 2 diabetes remission lasting for at least 10 years, and people who relapse still achieve markedly improved glycemic control, shows follow-up from a randomized trial published in The Lancet.