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Diabetic foot

04-09-2020 | Diabetic foot ulcers | News

Negative pressure wound therapy not superior to standard care for chronic diabetic foot ulcers

Negative pressure wound therapy does not improve the closure of chronic diabetic foot wounds compared with current standard treatment in German real-life clinical practice, multicenter trial findings suggest.

02-28-2020 | Neuropathy | News

Increased risk for lower extremity amputation with type 1 vs type 2 diabetes

People with diabetes have a higher incidence of lower extremity amputation than those without, and individuals with type 1 diabetes have a particularly high risk, research suggests.

10-22-2019 | Diabetic foot ulcers | News

Topical, at-home oxygen therapy aids diabetic foot ulcer healing

Home use of cyclical pressurized topical wound oxygen therapy in addition to standard care increases the likelihood of diabetic foot ulcers completely healing more than fourfold, a sham-controlled trial indicates.

02-19-2019 | Diabetic foot ulcers | News

Smartphone-based infrared camera accurately detects diabetic foot ulcers

A low-cost, smartphone-based infrared (IR) camera works as well as a high-end version for the detection of diabetic foot ulcers (DFU), study findings indicate.

10-02-2018 | Diabetic foot ulcers | EASD 2018 | News

Pressure-sensing ‘smart’ insoles reduce diabetic foot ulcer risk

Using smart insoles that alert patients to areas of high pressure can markedly reduce their risk for developing diabetic foot ulcers, show the findings of a randomized trial.

09-24-2018 | Diabetic foot ulcers | medwireNews | News

LeucoPatch improves healing of difficult diabetic foot ulcers

Weekly application of an autologous immune cell, fibrin, and platelet patch significantly increases the rate of healing of hard-to-heal foot ulcers compared with standard care in people with diabetes, randomized trial data show.

09-14-2018 | Diabetic foot | News

Early mortality more likely than amputation in patients with high ulceration risk

Patients with diabetes who are at high risk for foot ulceration are more likely to die than to require amputation, report researchers.

08-30-2018 | Diabetic foot infection | News

Optimal antibiotic duration for preventing DFI recurrence remains unclear

Patients who receive more than 3 weeks of antibiotic treatment for diabetic foot infection are no less likely to develop further infection than those treated for a shorter duration, study findings indicate.

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